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What is your most important asset – Your home? Your car? Your investment portfolio? If you answered yes to any of these, you answered incorrectly. Your most valuable asset is your ability to make an income. Without an income, you do not have any the above. We can bridge the gap of an employer paid policy.

The good news is we are living longer. The bad news is that the diseases that caused death decades ago are now leaving people disabled. The benefits of disability is if you go on claim and you’ve paid for the policy with your own money, the benefits are non-taxed. If your employer pays for all or part of it, the part the employer pays for IS taxable.

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“I’ve witnessed John at being detail oriented and very proficient in everything he tackles. He pays attention to detail as well as being very personable, making clients feel very at ease with him in charge of their business. John is very well respected in his field of expertise, he is honest, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable. It is very rare to find someone who works hard, understands their business and takes the time to explain sometimes “difficult” concepts clearly. John does it well.”

Julie D.

Vice President at McClain Ozone, Inc.


“When shopping for individual health insurance, John Koeppen was a valuable resource for me. He informed me about different policies, their real costs, and their coverage in clear plain English. He also follows up with me periodically to see if my insurance needs have changed, or inform me about possible rate changes. For those people who are trying to navigate the often confusing insurance market, they will find John as knowledgeable and helpful as I do.”

Kunal B.

Office Manager at S.K. Ghosh Associates Inc.

“Having worked with John for over 15 years, he is a knowledgeable and efficient insurance professional. He truly is a pleasure to work with.”

Denise R.

Owner, Woodmen Financial Resources

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